What is PSD2 Open Banking?

New EU regulation PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) brings you the opportunity to come up with new software solutions, which gives additional value to your and our customers. After fulfilling the regulatory requirements and obtaining license to provide payment services from your national regulator, you will be able to register your organization on our Portal and subscribe your application(s) to consume various set of production APIs. Without the license you can get ready and test your applications with our sandbox portal. In the mandatory scope you can access APIs supporting services described below, but in future we will be providing broader set of data.

For the regulatory scope we are following in the majority of aspects the Berlin Group Standard created by the Berlin Group. The exact API specifications are available in documentation.

Available services

AISP / Accounts APIs – Account Information Service Provider (AISP) is pursuing business activities based on available Accounts APIs . Payment service User (PSU) with online access to his payment accounts can get, thanks to an online platform provided by AISP, a consolidated view on all its payment accounts even from different Account Service Payment Service Providers (ASPSP). AISP cannot use customer data or log on to its payment accounts for any purpose other can those provided by the service.

PISP / Payments APIs – Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) is pursuing business activities based on available Payments APIs. PSU can initiate payments from payment accounts with online access through PISPs. PISP stands between the payer and his online payment account, when starting the payment to a third-party beneficiary.

CISP / CISP APIs – "Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuers" can verify with the bank availability of funds on the payment account for the completion of the payment after the consent has been provided by customer.


PSD2 - Directive

PSD2 - RTS for SCA and common and secure open standards of communication

BGS – Berlin Group Standard