Accounts BG API

Accounts BG API

The Accounts API allows third party applications to interact with the accounts of a bank user on his behalf, allowing the following operations:

  • List of accounts
  • Account with balances
  • Account transactions

Since Account API provides only information about the account(s) and transaction(s), it is read-only, and therefore this API supports only GET requests. 

Balance types: 

interimAvailable - Balance of the account (with credit limit) at the end of previous day (D-1) without pending items. It is the sum of the opening booked balance at (D-1) and all entries booked to the account during (D-1) (without pending items, including fees and commissions)

expected - actual accounting balance on the account (with credit limit) composed of booked entries and pending items (booked balance + credit limit - blocked amount)

PSU-IP-Address to AISP endpoints:

  • PSU-IP-Address and other PSU related attributes are optional fields in all Accounts API requests
  • PSU-IP-Address (IP Address field between PSU and TPP) is conditional for you (TPP): It shall be contained if and only if this request was actively initiated by the PSU.

That means, if PSU-IP-Address is provided, that request is NOT counted

If PSU-IP-Address is NOT provided, that request is counted (as request without PSU’s involvement)

  • As per RTS, we allow only 4 calls per endpoint without PSU’s involvement in 24 hours

Example: consent was given for 2 accounts with "access" balances and transactions and frequency per day is 4:

We allow 4 calls GET /accounts/accountId1, 4 calls GET /accounts/accountId1/balances, 4 calls GET/accounts/accountId1/transactions

And we allow 4 calls GET /accounts/accountId2, 4 calls GET /accounts/accountId2/balances, 4 calls GET/accounts/accountId2/transactions

You as TPP have the responsibility to fill in the PSU-IP-Address truthfully – detected misuse will be reported to national regulators.